Don't procrastinate, make positive changes in 2017

Date posted: 10th January 2017

January often brings to the fore a tide of emotions, for some it is a time to reflect on their job, health, financial position and work-life balance.

With some employees spending 40 hours a week at work it is easy to see how for many of us being in the wrong job can lead us to feel frustrated, angry, demoralised and unhappy. Being overlooked for promotion, being given increased responsibilities, bullied or simply working excessive additional hours without any financial reward are just some of the reasons why people want to quit.

Being disengaged in the workplace can have a real impact on peopleís lives and in some cases it can lead to anxiety, poor performance and ultimately affect our mental health and well-being.

So why not leave? Well it is the worry of the unknown isnít it? What if? All too often I hear clients question what they have to offer exclaiming that they donít have any transferrable skills or are worried that they may be too young, too old or that they have been with the same company for years and are worried that nobody would want to employ them at their age.

Well I have news for you, you are highly likely to have transferrable skills and be just as employable as anyone else, you just need to reflect on those unique qualities and focus on selling them to potential employers. So, where do you start?

1) Once you have decided you want to make a change then you need to identify job vacancies in that sector Ė look at what qualities they are looking for both in the job description and person specification.

2) Examine the criteria required and think of examples where you match the job description and person specification. If you do not have all of the desirable experience or qualifications in your work then can you draw on experience from your hobbies or interests instead? Alternatively how about volunteering for a while in order to acquire those skills for the next vacancy?

3) Produce a curriculum vitae which accurately demonstrates your expertise, skills and experience. A good CV should be to the point (no waffle) and comprise of: personal details; personal summary; career summary; qualifications and skills. Always write in the third person (e.g. not ĎIí did this).

4) Do as much research as you can about the job vacancy and the company ahead of applying and then produce
a strong covering letter or personal statement unique to that job role.

Making life changes can be difficult but with support YOU can make the transition, you just need to start believing in yourself.

Whether you are struggling to find the right direction, focus or just lack self-confidence then The CV Lady is here to support you to become recruitment ready. The CV Lady - helping clients achieve more in 2017.

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